Group Overview

OMG is a group of companies that leads the world in motion capture and computer vision, with customers in over 70 countries, and serving sectors ranging from entertainment to infrastructure asset management.

Group Overview

Achieving the impossible since 1984

Our technology has an incredibly wide range of applications. Currently, we're helping movie-makers to create astonishing visual effects; local authorities to save money and time maintaining their road networks and Olympic athletes to improve their performance. And the diversity of uses for unrivalled expertise in computer vision is growing all the time.

Founded in 1984, our Group headquarters are in Oxford, and we also have offices in California, Colorado and Singapore. We employ around 250 brilliant people, and have customers in over 70 countries. Since 2001, OMG has been a  quoted company listed on AIM, a market operated by the London Stock Exchange.

OMG does business through three operating companies: 

  • OMG Vicon - the world’s largest motion capture and movement analysis company
  • OMG Yotta  - software and services for infrastructure asset management
  • OMG Life - our IP licensing business

Clients across many different worlds

Our list of clients across the globe is as astonishingly diverse as the applications for our technology, spanning the worlds of science, medicine, sport, engineering, computer games, film and TV.

They include:

  • Major hospitals and research facilities, such as Guy's Hospital, Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, University of Western Australia, Adidas,  Gillette Children’s and Red Bull
  • Engineering industry leaders, including Ford Motor Company, BMW, Airbus and Toyota
  • Entertainment giants, such as Sony, Industrial Light and Magic, The Imaginarium Studios, Sega and Nintendo
  • Highway authorities, national agencies and utility companies, including Highways England, UK Power Network, East Sussex County Council, Kent County Council and Transport for London

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OMG plc UK registered no: 3998880