Group Milestones

Follow the OMG story from our earliest days, through our key achievements over the last 30 years, to today's global technology leader.


1984. OMG is born

Current deputy chairman Julian Morris establishes the company (then known as Oxford Metrics) as a management buy-out from Oxford Instruments Group. The primary product is the Vicon system, designed to analyse human motion by tracking reflective markers attached to the subject. In the early years, Vicon systems are primarily sold for research in the field of biomechanics, orthopaedics and gait analysis.

1985. First system sale to Japan

From the outset, Oxford Metrics operates globally. Many of the early Vicon systems are sold to customers in the USA and the first system in Japan is installed in 1985.

1987. Second generation Vicon

Vicon is proud to launch their second generation Vicon system - the Vicon VX.