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OMG Life is our new consumer product division. Its first product is Autographer, the world's first intelligent, wearable camera.

OMG / Life

Autographer: seeing the unseen  

Autographer is designed to change the way we think about photography: one where moments are captured without intervention. The user can live the experience while Autographer spontaneously captures the stories that unfold. This is not just a new camera but a whole new photographic approach.

Autographer uses five on-board sensors and GPS capability to identify the perfect time to take a photo, based on changes in light and colour, motion, direction and temperature. The camera can automatically take up to 2,000 high resolution photos every day through its custom designed wide-angle lens, while an Autographer stop-frame video lets you see a whole day’s activity in a few minutes.

Based upon the same Microsoft ‘SenseCam’ technology already deployed within OMG’s ‘Revue’ camera, which is targeted at the medical research market, Autographer represents a further example of OMG’s ability to transfer core imaging technologies across the Group and open them up to new and exciting end markets.

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