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Since 2012, OMG Life has been pioneering the wearable camera market with Autographer, the world's first wearable camera

OMG / Life

A new direction for Life

As a result of rich user feedback from the Autographer community, OMG Life have been rapidly evolving the functionality, product design and applications that are required to bring the benefits of companion cameras to the wider global market. The dual focus on solving the underlying technical challenges whilst also developing the market and our commercial operations have been gaining strong traction but stretching resources.

Based on learnings from the last few years OMG believe more can be achieved for the market by focussing efforts on creating the enabling technologies and working through large global brand partners to bring future devices and functionality to the market.

OMG Life will no longer be manufacturing and selling the Autographer device in its current guise but remain committed to supporting existing Autographer users and collaborators.

OMG has played a key role in bringing both a new product and new product category to market and are immensely proud of the technical achievements in OMG Life and Autographer.

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