AIM Rule 26

In accordance with the AIM Rules for Companies (February 2007) please find additional information and documents required to be made available to our shareholders and investors.

Holdings in Company
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Result of General Meeting & Acquisition of Mayrise
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OMG plc Shareholder Circular July 2013 Click here.
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Group overview
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Country of incorporation and main country of operation.  The company is incorporated in the United Kingdom; its main country of operation is the United Kingdom.
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Audit committee
  • Chairman: Anthony Simonds-Gooding, Non-Executive Chairman
  • Jonathon Reeve, Non-Executive Director
  • Adrian C Carey, Non-Executive Director

Remuneration committee

  • Chairman: Jonathon Reeve, Non-Executive Director
  • Anthony Simonds-Gooding, Non-Executive Chairman
  • Adrian C Carey, Non-Executive Director

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Share capital and significant shareholder information as of 30th April 2014.

Number of AIM securities in issue: 113,357,814 ordinary shares of 0.25p each.

There are no restrictions on the transfer of OMG securities other than detailed in the Company’s most recent shareholder circular. OMG plc has only applied and agreed to have its securities traded on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange. Percentage of AIM securities not in public hands: 10.84%

Significant shareholders - updated 30th April 2014:

  • Harwood Capital 15.16%
  • Ruffer LLP 11.17%
  • Morris J R W Esq 8.34%
  • Cavendish Asset Management Ltd 6.63%
  • Herald Investment Management Limited 6.33%
  • National Financial Services 4.11%
  • JP Morgan Chase Bank 3.62%
  • Barclays Stockbrokers 3.58%
  • Schroder Investment Management 3.56%

Annual Results

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2014 Notice of AGM and Form of Proxy

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Directors’ statement on corporate governance

The Board of Directors is accountable to shareholders for the good corporate governance of the Group. Under the AIM rules for companies, the Group is not required to comply with the UK Corporate Governance Code (2010). However, the Board is aware of the best practice defined by the UK Corporate Governance Code (2010) and will seek to adopt procedures to institute good governance insofar as is practical and appropriate for a group of its size while retaining its primary focus on the entrepreneurial success of the business. This statement sets out how certain principles of the UK Corporate Governance Code (2010) are applied to OMG plc. For the full statement Click here.

Other information

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OMG plc is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.

Registered office

OMG plc
14 Minns Business Park
West Way
Oxford OX2 0JB
United Kingdom