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Icon Imaging relocates to House of Moves; 3D scanning, motion capture and animation under one roof

Icon Imaging relocates to House of Moves; 3D scanning, motion capture and animation under one roof

03 Mar 10 / Icon Imaging relocate to House of Moves

(Los Angeles, California--March 3, 2010) Vicon, an Academy Award®-winning developer of motion capture products today announced that Icon Imaging, a leading 3D scanning, imaging and modeling company, is moving into Vicon's 26,000 square foot Entertainment headquarters which also houses motion capture and animation facility, Vicon House of Moves.

Icon Imaging has moved their human body scanning system, head body scanning system and high-resolution model scanning system onto the vicon House of Moves (HOM) stages. HOM's stages include a 40' X 70' X 25' main stage for clients working with or without first unit crews shooting alongside the motion capture cameras and a second soundstage capable of supporting up to 20 performers equipped to record professional quality audio during facial, body, finger or full body capture sessions. All of the stages at Vicon House of Moves are equipped with the latest Vicon MX T160 16 megapixel cameras.

"Moving into Vicon House of Moves made perfect sense for us. Motion capture and 3D scanning fit together like hand and glove, and we've already been working together for many years on projects for shared clients in gaming and film including EA, Sony and Activision. Vicon House of Moves has the best stage in the world, and a very talented team which we look forward to collaborating with on many future projects," said Piturro.

"Vicon always strived to offer clients a complete end-to-end animation solution, and to that end purchased House of Moves in 2004. We added an animation division and a soundproof mocap soundstage in 2008 and now with this latest alliance with Icon Imaging-our clients will have the convenience of premium 3D scanning on-site. We work parallel in the same high end production market and we look forward to having such a complimentary service at Vicon House of Moves," said Brian Rausch, Vice President of Production, Vicon House of Moves.

Icon Imaging was founded ten years ago by Domi Piturro. Piturro was also the co-founder and co-creator of Paraform Technologies, a Stanford developed and Paul Allen backed company which was awarded a Sci-Tech Academy Award in 2000 for its breakthrough process of scan data surfacing and model creation for 3D filmmaking. Piturro's background as a fine artist combined with his deep roots in computer graphics allow Icon Imaging to provide clients with a more customized and end-to-end experience in 3D scanning.

Icon Imaging specializes in projects for films, games and industrial applications, and has completed 3D scanning for Activision and EA on projects such as "Madden NFL", "Guitar Hero", "Tony Hawk", "Fight Night" and celebrities including Jessica Alba, Sting, Metallica, Aerosmith, Nicole Kidman and many others. Film projects include "I Am Legend", "Superman Returns" and "Fantastic Four"-for which Icon provided both scanning and built CG models for several of the film's characters.

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