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2d3 Sensing Establishes U.S. Board of Directors

2d3 Sensing Establishes U.S. Board of Directors

29 Jul 12

OMG plc, (LSE: OMG) (“OMG” or the “Group”), the technology group providing image understanding products for the entertainment, defence, life science and engineering industries is pleased to announce that 2d3, the Group’s defence and aerial business, announced today the establishment of a United States based Board of Directors to mitigate the effects of Foreign Ownership Control and Influence on US Government work.

2d3 Sensing is pleased to announce that in addition to existing internal directors, this Board will also be comprised of three independent directors: Mr Leo Hazlewood, Mr. C. Lawrence Meador and Mr. James Peak.  These three individuals each have long and distinguished careers within the community U.S. national security community, within the U.S. Department of Defense and in other government agencies.

The establishment of the 2d3 Sensing U.S. Board of Directors is a key step for continuing the growth of government-related business and ensuring relevant corporate investment strategies.  The new members will provide an expert perspective on the market dynamics and strategic requirements for 2d3 Sensing, and their input will be critical to the ongoing development of the business’ core product lines and service offerings.

Commenting on the new board Nick Bolton, OMG plc Chief Executive said:

“Having these collective minds join us represents a real step forward for 2d3 and is going to enable us to continue to stay ahead of the game when it comes to designing and implementing solutions for the National Security community. We look forward to drawing on the combined experiences and wealth of knowledge these three veterans will bring to our firm. They understand the critical needs of the community and are going to help us expand our knowledge base and product offerings in this exciting arena.”

2d3 Sensing formally established its U.S. Board of Directors on May 5, 2012. 

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